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Meeting Minutes

November 2018 | School & Community Safety | minutes

November 5, 2018
Horizon Elementary Library | 222 W Casino Road

6:00 Snohomish County Sheriff/Everett Police Department

Sheriff – Rebecca Lewis – OON crime prevention and community engagement
EPD – Jason McDonald – south Everett
EPD – Detective Nevin

Package theft prevention packets  https://everettwa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/15845/Package-Theft-Prevention-PDF?bidId=

Consider having your package delivered to alternate address if you will not home.

Track packages to know if they are stolen.

One neighbor suggests putting a note on your door to request that delivery ring the bell for package delivery.

EPD and Sheriff say Ring video doorbell has been very helpful in catching thieves.

Police want you to call with your issues. They may not be able to get to you right away, but they want to know where the issues are.

The school is working with Sheriff to address the homeless camp near Fairmont Elementary.

Mariner parking altercation – shooting on 4th – was gang related. Suspects are known but not in custody

112 & 4th Market – also gang related shooting – suspects are known but not in custody serrano based gangs – 2 different sets

Gang Awareness Parents Guide https://everettwa.gov/1106/Gang-Awareness---Parents-Guide

 OTS  tag – rap label – they are a gang

 Graffiti Prevention https://everettwa.gov/1090/Graffiti-Prevention

 If you see graffiti:

1.     Take a photo and email to Detective Nevin - jnevin@everettwa.gov (used for graffiti crime mapping)

2.     Notify the non-emergency line Non-Emergency: 425-407-3999 (reported daily to beat cops so they know where to be on the lookout for tagging activity)

3.     Call Graffiti Hotline 425-257-8748 or submitting a completed Complaint form. For residential property, the city will have the property owner sign a waiver and will cover up the graffiti.  Here is a link to the page explaining it all: https://everettwa.gov/453/Graffiti-Program

Gang members target other gang members.

EPD tracking about 400 gang members

Gang shootings dropped significantly because EPD has been targeting shooters.

Contact Detective Nevin for package drop house project. jnevin@everettwa.gov

How can the community help solve the gang problem? help the parents and hold them accountable, try to get them actively involved in neighborhood, let the school know if you see gang activity.


6:30 Mukilteo School District | Allison Brynelson and Cindy Steigerwald

All hazards approach – natural, technology, manmade

ICS 100 incident command structure https://www.fema.gov/incident-command-system-resources

Reunification locations are not publicized.  Parents must make sure to sign up for notifications.  If communication systems are down, schools will shelter in place. 

Do “Table top exercises” with you family – what would you do in_____ situation?

Safety and Security Enhancements

500 cameras added to buildings

Emergency radio systems – used internally, but emergency channel to communicate across the district

Emergency medical evacuation chairs all stairwells

Visitor badge system

 Safe Havens Intl – non-profit specializes on safety assessment

·      Culture around safety and compliance

·      Systems and infrastructure

·      Training

The school district is in the process of reviewing the report from Safe Havens.

The school provides social and emotional support for kids with trauma. 

The school provides a lot of human resources:

·      Student support advocates to provide a link to resources

·      Mental health counselors (on site, free for Medicaid) expanding to more schools

·      Drug and alcohol counselors

·      Parent liaisons - all title elementary all middle schools

·      Student counselors- 3 at each middle school – focus on academics

·      Elementary support specialists – like a school counselor – title buildings have 1.5

·      Community partnerships – e.g. Hand in Hand


The school provides professional development to teachers and classified staff including:

·      Help schools learn to work with kids in trauma

·      Mindset shift – not what is wrong with you but what happened to you that is causing that behavior

·      Relationships are key – everyone needs to feel loved, safe and a connection with an adult.

·      Training – ACES (adverse childhood experiences) -Very common and well concealed

·      Clear consistant preditable

·      Assume positive intent – build on success

·      De-escalate

·      Maintain high expectations

·      Implement consequences if needed

Fostering Resilient Learners (Kristin Souers)

4 schools received trauma informed practices grant

Crisis plans

            For social and emotional needs

            Focus on suicide

            Sue Eastgard helped write plan with Kamiak – rolled out to other buildings

Secondary – depends on needs of building

            Signs of suicide for friends for life

            Mind up, second step, zones of regulations, the incredible years


            Second step – bully prevention

 Work is never done - Constant reassessment

You don’t need to be a parent at the school to be a volunteer – just need to pass a Washington State background check. Contact the parent liaison at the school.

Explorer: Tracy Lane lanetl@mukilteo.wednet.edu
Challenger: Kate Everley EverleyKJ@mukilteo.wednet.edu
Horizon: Ruth Bermundez bermudezrs@mukilteo.wednet.edu

Linda War Bonnet