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Meeting Minutes

September 2018 | sex offender registery

September 3, 2018
Horizon Elementary School Library

6:00 EPD Patrol Officer McDonald

Some info about recent shootings: 

108th Avocados Restaurant.  Night club atmosphere in evenings.  2 men drinking, parking lot, one got gun from car gun shot in air 3 times, put back in vehicle. 2 arrested.  Unlawful discharge of firearm in city, 2 cars taken for search.   Used restaurant video footage for information.  No known gang ties. 

112th – county jurisdiction – don’t have access to reports at this point.  Maybe drive by shooting? Possible gang related. 

Gang activity down this summer.

Gang Unit is hiring a sergeant and 2 officers. 

Question about SODA law.  Here is a link that describes the Stay out of Drug Areas. It includes recent additions from Spring this year.  https://everettwa.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/6021?fileID=34549

 Community Crime Map is a good resource to find out what crime is happening where you live.  You can search the database or sign up to have a weekly report emailed to you.  http://communitycrimemap.com/


Linda War Bonnet – Upcoming meetings

October – city council candidates, plastic bag ban proposal, election districts
November – possibly school safety
December – possibly Paine Field
January – possibly Mayor Cassie Franklin
February – Emergency management


Detective Berg (Sheriff) and Detective Atwood (EPD)

Links to recordings:



This presentation was recorded so I did not take thorough notes.  Here a few key points though…

85-90% of all sex offenders against family member, friend or acquaintance 

Harassment of offenders may increase risk to community because offenders may go underground so law enforcement will not be able to monitor them.

Has registration made a difference in the number of reoffenders?   Do not know. 

Static 99 r – tool to score for level 1, 2, 3 sex offenders

Score is determined by end of sentence review committee. This committee includes DOC, DSHS mental health, law enforcement, juvenile rehabilitation, SCC, AG office

Extent of mailed notification depended on offender’s risk level.

How can sex offenders live near schools?  There used to be a law preventing them from living within 880 feet of school property, but it was repealed and declared unconstitutional. Sex offenders under Department of Corrections jurisdiction often have tougher restrictions where they can live.   

More information is available here:  https://snohomishcountywa.gov/302/Registered-Sex-Offenders   You can sign up for emailed notices.

I mentioned the In The Dark Podcast.  https://www.apmreports.org/in-the-dark/season-one

It is a sad, but very well produced podcast.  It tells the story about a 1989 abduction and murder of Jacob Wetterling. The focus of the podcast is the investigation and all that law enforcement missed. 

Linda War Bonnet