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Meeting Minutes

December 2018 | Paine Field & Commercial Air | Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2018

Horizon Elementary Library | 222 W Casino Road

6:00 Welcome

Liz Vogeli was recently elected to the city council.  Linda War Bonnet will be taking the lead running the meetings.  

Liz Vogeli is in attendance as a neighborhood member tonight. 

EPD did not attend the meeting. 

6:10 Scott North | Paine Field Public Information Officer | scott.north@snoco.org 425.388.5373

Pending final government approval, commercial air is here.  Alaska Airlines is offering tickets starting with Feb 11 flights.  United Airlines is offering tickets starting with March 31 flights. 

Airlines committed to 24 departures a day - 48 total flight operations (departures and takeoffs)  

FAA is currently reviewing public comments of draft environmental assessment.  FAA conclusion was that there will be no significant impact with the introduction of 24 departures a day. 

Paine Field is publicly owned by us.  

Propeller Air built the terminal and will own and operate it on Snohomish county land.  

The terminal is right under the control towers. 

Propeller will pay rent and percentage of gross receipts. Propeller makes money from airlines and parking.  30 year lease with 2 -10 year extensions.  

There are currently 300-400 take off and landings a day at Paine Field.  

Main/largest runway is used by Boeing.  It is on the west side of the airport. Commercial air will use this runway.  

The east side will continue to be used by general aviation. These are the little planes that fly over our homes.  

With commercial air, the business community can connect to anywhere in the world.  There is an expected boom in commercial real estate.  

Parking - propeller leasing space for parking lot. Propeller gets first rights to build a parking garage. 

If you have a Paine Field noise complaint, call 425-284-0500 or fill out a form online.  

Boeing’s DreamLifter gets the most complaints.

Planes for commercial air will carry up to 173 passengers. 

Paine Field is a no-drone-zone.  Drones are not allowed within 5 miles of the airport, but you should be able to call the airport and ask permission.  

Linda War Bonnet