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Meeting Minutes

January 2019 | Economic Development

January 2019 | Economic Development | Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2019

Horizon Elementary Library | 222 W Casino Road

22 people in attendance | Judy Schwab from Muk School Board | Councilmember Liz Vogeli in her neighbor role

6:00 Neighborhood News

  • The Evergreen branch of the library is closed for remodel.  Return books to the main branch on Hoyt.  

  • Report power outages to report outages to the Snohomish County PUD at 425-783-1001- not 911

  • Graffiti hotline: 425-257-8748

  • Linda War Bonnet will continue managing the association, but needs help with many tasks including: Taking meeting minutes, updating the website, outreach to let neighbors know about the association, ideas for future meetings, ideas to build community, planning a June community picnic, help planning back to school campus clean-up. Send an email to westmontholly@gmail.com if you can help.  

Because our association is relatively new, we don’t have formal roles.  We have some extra money that was raised for last year’s kids photo and art contest.  Because the library is closed this year, we will not repeat the contest until 2020. The money is in Linda’s account and Maureen Lewison has agreed to “keep the books”. 

Neighborhood Grant requests for 2019 have been turned in to the city. Here is a link to information about Neighborhood Grants on the city’s website. https://everettwa.gov/336/Neighborhood-Matching-Fund

The purpose of neighborhood grants: 

Everett residents who want to foster a greater sense of community can collaborate with their neighborhood association to apply for City funds to enhance their neighborhoods. 

 Everett neighbors build better parks, host National Night Out events, improve communication, prepare for disasters and much more through these matching funds. 

Match funds with monetary donations or volunteer hours.  

Here is a quick summary of our request. Between Westmont and Holly, we can request up to $4,000.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.32.17 PM.png

6:10 Everett Police Department will answer your questions

No one from EPD was in attendance

6:25 Dan Eernissee, Director of Economic Development for the City of Everett

Phone: 425-257-8681

Email: deernissee@everettwa.gov

Dan’s job is to encourage the business community to attract economic development in the city.

There are many factors driving economic development in the WHEB triangle (Westmont-Holly-Evergreen-Boeing area). 

  • Commercial Air

  • Automation reduces manufacturing opportunities for assembly line workers while growing tech industry opportunities. 

  • Evolving consumer habits create a volatile real estate climate along Evergreen Way and Everett mall way. 

  • Dramatic regional growth plus changing demographics drive demand for walkable, amenity-rich, multi-modal communities. 

  • Traffic congestion drives investment in employment centers directly served by high-capacity transit. 

  • Demand for distribution centers consumes large industrial property while providing few jobs and community impact. 

  • Sound Transit - light rail stations

  • Office of Community, planning, and Economic development will work shape a sustainable, healthy and connected future. 

Things being Considered: 

  • Plan and fund improvements of park properties into multi-activity resources that accommodate growth for surrounding neighborhoods.   

  • Plan the transformation of the Boeing area link stations area into a walkable street grid cityscape designed for dense employment to create decades of job growth and investment. “Job employment center”

  • Plan the transformation of the evergreen link station area into the walkable community built around dense housing and ample transportation, school, park, retail and service options.  

  • Foster on-going efforts along Casino Road to create a stable, attractive and opportunity-filled environment.

  • Collaborate with regional partners and subject-matter experts to enact effective incentives, codes, and marketing initiatives to attract investment, commerce and long term residents.

  • There were lots of concerns from those attending the meeting about gentrification. Gentrification typically results in lower income residents being priced out of their homes.  If the light rail stations are planned as Dan envisions, all areas on Casino Road will be within a half-mile walk to a station, making the area a very desirable place to live.  

    You can listen to Dan’s interview with Live in Everett here: 

    Part 1 Interview starts at about 17 minutes.  

    Part 2 Interview starts at about 16 minutes. 

    Engagement opportunities in next 6 months to give input.  Start thinking about what your vision for the area is and share it with elected officials in the city.  

    Use this email address to send a note to all of the council members council@everettwa.gov.

Linda War Bonnet