westmont holly neighborhood association

Meeting Minutes

March 2019 | Mayor Franklin

Here are answers from the city for questions asked at the meeting:

1.   Mayor Franklin will follow-up with Dan Eernissee and Julie Frauenholtz regarding affordable housing strategy/ income development for residents.  

This is ongoing work that will be seeking community involvement in many different processes over the next several years-  Lots more to come.

2.  Mukilteo School District data on languages spoken is a good resource for the City Of Everett when identifying needs to communicate with residents, specifically parents. Mayor would like to see if this data can be school specific as not all Mukilteo schools service Everett residents.  

We do access specific school data from both the Everett and Mukilteo school districts and we use it as a resource to help us understand the language and cultural groups that call Everett home-  and our school district partners are imperative for our workforce development strategies and for helping with equity and inclusion movement.

3.  Question from a resident about the City’s support for small businesses: 

a.  Is there a check and balance for all areas where small businesses operate? 

Zoning and code enforcement are the primary means of government control of the location and type of business activity.

b.  Can The Herald focus on south Everett businesses? 

The Herald chooses what it covers, but with the launch of Paine Field Airport Everett (PAE) there has been extensive coverage,  the launch of the airport will undoubtedly provide opportunities for other businesses to be featured in their new “close to PAE” designation.

c.  Translate the city’s support for businesses into their language for publication in their media (social, print) 

We will continue to work to hear what the city can do better to support our city’s entrepreneurs, and we recognize that for many English is not their native language.    

4.  What is the status of the old K-Mart building? 

The property is under contract to be redeveloped into a large multifamily community. Staff and the developer are working together to ensure that the project accommodates the 2036 location of the Evergreen Light Rail Station either on or nearby the K-Mart site.

5.   What opportunities will be available for small businesses in the new waterfront development? Specifically diverse businesses? 

The Port of Everett development department is overseeing the development of Waterfront Place. Business opportunities exist for restaurants, shops, and water-related industries. Terrie Battuello from the Port may be a good person to reach out to for more information- let me know if you want her contact.    

6.   Where can residents find information about donating goods to the city?

Resident works for a durable medical supply company and wants to know how to donate products (AED’s, FA kits, Naloxone kits, etc). They already donate these items to other entities in the region.  Easy ways to donate to the city can be found here: https://everettwa.gov/1190/Get-Involved  In regards to donations of specific products- we are doing a little more research and will get back to you.

7.  Question was asked where the city was receiving feedback from regarding us creating a new brand and marketing the brand.

Here are a few tidbits from the Marketing Department about the new branding release:

  • The new City brand will be released on March 20 along with the new tourism brand and webpage.

  • The new City website will launch on April 15 and will be a lot more user friendly.

  • The new brand will give Everett a more modern look with a nod to our historic buildings.

    With the wave of change currently happening at the City of Everett        

  • Waterfront Place at the Port of Everett

  • Metro Everett plan being approved

  • Funko expansion in the downtown area

  • The airport coming on line

We want to position the City with a more modern and inviting brand for future residents and businesses

  • The brand roll out will be a phased approach to ensure we are being good stewards of funds

  • So you may be seeing our old logo around for a while

  • We will be replacing assets with the new logo at an as needed basis

  • The brand was created by using data we collected over a year via focus groups, surveys, meetings, and research.

If you have questions, please email them to westmontholly@gmail.com.

You can also always contact the Mayor’s office: cfranklin@everettwa.gov or 425-257-7115.

Linda War Bonnet