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Meeting Minutes

May 2019 | Volunteers of America

Everett Police Department

Officer Dick Fischer and Officer L Clifford new officer just graduated from the academy

Police districts – North (N of 41st), Central (41st to Boeing Freeway) and South Boeing Freeway to city line) areas

Policing is different in south Everett because of all the retail businesses.   

Pay attention this time of year – people start watching for people stashing handbags, electronics, etc. in their cars when going to parks, etc. 

Go to Community Crime Map to learn more about the types of crimes happening in the neighborhood. You can sign up for a weekly email too. 

Councilmember Brenda Stonecipher

Gave a quick update on Riverfront district
On May 1, 2019, City Council approved the amendments to the master plan and development agreement for the landfill site.  The approved plan proposed by Shelter Holdings is for a 6-phase mixed-use development with 1,250 multi-family units, a theater, small grocery, possible medical clinic, hotel, and office building.

There will be a park in the Riverfront District.  Development of the park has been transferred to the district developer. 

Climate change has been on the agenda for the city council.  Learn more here

The city and the council will start working on the budget very soon. Stay tuned for things that are important to you and contact a councilmember or attend a meeting to share your views.   

Sue McCarthy - Volunteers of America – Dispute Resolution Division

Volunteers of America provides a ton of resources to the community to make sure to check out their website.

If you are at risk of being homeless within 14 days call 1-425-876-1233 or learn more here.

Fair housing line for landlords or tenants. If you have questions such as – is this legal? Am I being discriminated against? What are my rights?  
Contact the Landlord-Tenant & Fair Housing Call Line at 425-339-1335 (Option 4) or ltinfo@voaww.org. Also En Español Ellie 425-212-2916

Volunteers of America also provides a lot of training including a 2-hour renter certification training and fair housing training.  Anyone who takes a class entitled to free mediation. 

 Dispute Resolution Services include (these are my very quick notes, please visit the website for more thorough information.

Training officers in de-escalation

Training at Everett high schools on peer mediation. For students sent to an after-school detention, there are trained students to talk with them.  

Always looking for mediators – basic mediator training in June

Small claims court mediations (not available in Everett any longer – must go to Arlington, Lynnwood, etc) 60% settle their case.  More likely to follow up on a mediation plan vs. court ruling.

Foreclosure Mediation
Eldercare mediation
Homelessness program
Co-parenting training
Teen mediation – prefer to have teens request
Workplace mediation
Group facilitation
Work with other organization – Catholic Community Services, Cocoon House, Domestic Violence Services.
Landlord-tenant line – multiple languages
What is 211 for? Pretty much everything. Check it out! 

Linda War Bonnet